Our Team's Philosophy

Light breaks where no sun shines;

Where no sea runs, the waters of the heart

Push in their tides.

–Dylan Thomas, 1934     

An ancient philosopher named Heraclitus had the wisdom around 500 BC to say, “You could not step twice in the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.”

He was right. So it is with Fresh Squeezed Light. We step into your waters in a spirit of discovery, looking for collaboration and ways to bring out all the good your company has to offer. No two companies, situations, plans, creative material, strategies are identical. Your organization is one of a kind and you deserve your very own spot on the infinite spectrum of light that graces our planet.

We work hard to find the light every day. Even in Colorado, with 300 days of sunshine, it does not mean that there aren’t challenges that stretch each person’s character and willingness to work a little harder to squeeze out the light that exists everywhere. Sometimes, a river is raging, full of eddies and ferocious currents and magnificent power. Its mightiness makes it gorgeous and it humbles us. Sometimes you need a rope and a carabineer to get to a lighter place… Sometimes, it takes a lot of squeezing to get a goodly portion of streaming light…of hope…of making a better world come to life in greater light. Light and hope hold everything that matters.

O.C. O'Connell

O.C. O'Connell


I have an abiding love of adventure of all kinds! My favorite vacation spot as a kid was Niagara Falls. The photo at the top of the page is of the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side of the Niagara River, and each time I went I was entranced by its power, by its roaring impact, by the way the light bounced off the water in a thousand directions creating rainbows of all shapes and sizes.

By the time I was eight years old, I noticed that all those arced spectrums of light in little and gigantic rainbows, the beautiful ping ponging light off the Falls and all those negative water ions made people more open, more friendly, more kind to each other. It wasn’t created by imaginary characters or a fairy land; it was the power of so many kinds of light made possible by the majesty of the Falls. I wanted to create a world where that was possible beyond the rails that separated people from the river.

I was thrilled to ride The Maid of the Mist and get close to the bottom of the raging waters, step into  the Cable Car and imagine myself as the Great Wallenda walking on a tight rope over the river, below the Falls. There were so many grand tales of people who dared the power and the majesty of the falls…it dazzled my heart and fueled a quest of adventure, seeking out other cultures and places around the globe.

I was so exhilarated to travel to another country– at age five, Canada was as mysterious as the far reaches of the globe, and it filled me with the magic of the world. A sense of possibility…The notion that small acts of kindness, courage and compassion mattered in big ways…those attributes magically turned into light– the kind of light that created a smile, opened a heart, created lasting change…that is the very heart and soul of Fresh Squeezed Light, Inc. Sometimes the light is easy to create and sometimes it’s like looking for a star in a black hole, but it can be found if we work hard enough. Let’s do it!

The first person to successfully barrel over Horseshoe Falls was a destitute Annie Edson Taylor on October 24, 1901. She hoped her trip in a barrel would bring her fame and fortune. Unfortunately, she knew nothing about marketing so both goals eluded her and she died relatively unknown. If she only had a little marketing plan and some great communication, her dreams could have been realized!

My Credentials

As for me, I’m a great collaborator, I’m to the right of the bell curve on intelligence, kindness, generosity and creativity. I live up to my commitments; I’ve had lots of success and I love untangling the knot that forms the foundation of great strategy and execution. That’s what delivers on those three profoundly meaningful letters of the alphabet: R-O-I. I have an abiding commitment to do the right thing, a sense of panache and splash that works out pretty well. On time, on budget, on goal in a sea of light. We all have the opportunity to make the world better, one small choice at a time.

I have an MBA in Marketing from The University of Denver, Daniels College of Business, results galore, a pile of awards which is another way of demonstrating successful campaigns and strategies that have paid off well for our clients.

Let’s go adventuring! We can make good things happen in your organization!