Our Mission

To create and cultivate more light, goodness, kindness and hope through exquisite marketing strategy and communications work, our abiding spirit of collaboration and commitment to splashing light everywhere, especially in the face of overwhelming darkness.

We donate a portion of our proceeds to local non-profits in Colorado to assist them in the good work they are doing to create a more equitable world. Our most recent recipient was the Denver Street School, which serves Denver’s at-risk youth, giving them a second chance to earn their high school diploma.

They also opened Hope Academy to serve the complex needs of young girls who have been victims of sex trafficking in Colorado. Yes, it’s happening right here and we all need to fight to stop it! Check out their great work and donate to give these girls resources to heal. journey to heal.

Doing Good Work.

We offer marketing strategy, branding, communications consulting & writing services to like-minded organizations, particularly those in health care of all kinds, non-profits and other social enterprises.


Creating Community.

We offer a space for people to come together via social media and splash their own light, get inspired by someone or something and inspire others. Make the world a brighter place! Light comes in an infinite spectrum of colors– whatever makes us kinder and more compassionate people are forms of light!

Giving Back.

We donate a portion of our profit from all work and products to non-profits to support the good work they are doing in our community. Our current charity is the Denver Urban Gardens.